There was once a bird dog, but not just any ordinary bird dog.  A bird dog that became my best friend, as I spent mornings and nights teaching him to be a gun dog.  A bird dog that heeled beside me through college, and then traveled the world with me. This bird dog taught me more than I taught him.  He taught me the meaning of true loyalty and showed me the power of simplicity. Lessons came to me in moments when I watched him transform from a cozy, quiet dog curled up in the front seat of my truck, to a machine on a mission quartering fields, focused, and without regard to anything else in the world. Further lessons came to me in times of frustration, when I learned our limits.  Skeet, the legendary bird dog, showed me what bird dogs have shown their masters for generations: that instinct, loyalty, and genuine hard work can combine to create moments that last forever.  

This is the Ballad of the Bird Dog. The story of tradition and heritage inspiring well-built, basic goods. The story of instinct and loyalty reinvigorating simplicity and dependable products. The story of a company you can trust, and people you can understand.


Skeet 03/30/03 - 11/17/17