Bath Soak | Goddess Of The Sea | Sam Wish
Bath Soak | Goddess Of The Sea | Sam Wish

Bath Soak | Goddess Of The Sea | Sam Wish

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Made with bits of the sea, this bath soak was made for all of the beautiful mermaid goddesses out there! Let the sea salt and spirulina carry you away to a place where the ocean is as blue as the sky but let the grounding scent of cedar and arborvitae and the soft, bright yellow petals of calendula bring you back to the land where you came from. 

Such a beautiful soak with tons of wonderful healing elements in it, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. This is my favorite soak to date and is sure not to disappoint! 

SIZE: 4 oz. or 16 oz. 
INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Spirulina Powder*, Calendula Flowers*, Marjoram Essential Oils*, Clary Sage Essential Oils*, Bergamot Essential Oils*, Cedar Essential Oils*, Arborvitae Essential Oils*


Epsom Salt- Epsom salt can treat a number of ailments such as pain, inflammation, migraine headaches, cuts, bruises, and even treat cold and congestion. It also helps replenishes levels of magnesium which produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates the feeling of calm and relaxation. On top of that, Magnesium also increases energy and stamina, helps flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, improves the absorptions of nutrients, and helps regulate electrolytes in your body ensuring proper functioning of the muscles, nerves and enzymes. And one last thing, Epsom salt is also believed to improve heart health and help prevent heart disease and strokes by improving blood circulation, protecting the elasticity of arteries, preventing blood clots and reducing the risk of sudden heart attack deaths. 

Sea Salt- Sea salt helps to cleanse pores and detoxify the body. Also assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and also induces a healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the water. 

Spirulina Powder- Spirulina is extremely nutrient rich, containing proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin b, calcium, iron, amino acids, and fatty acids that help fight inflammation. Spirulina also helps to eliminate surface bacteria to improve acne and helps ward off free radicals and eliminate toxins from the skin. It increases the skin’s metabolism to restore and maintaining a more youthful glow and improves skin elasticity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Calendula Flowers- They are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Calendula helps to reduce pain and swelling, promote wound healing and skin regeneration. It is used to treat a variety of skin conditions from sunburns to bug bites to acne to diaper rash to eczema to premature aging. Calendula is high in anti-oxidants, protects body cells and supports healthy immune function. It is naturally restorative and helps to return a youthful glow to dry or damaged skin while protecting it from future blemishes.

Marjoram Essential Oil- Helps to treat inflammation, soothes muscle and joint pain, headaches, and fever. Minimizes mood swings, calms anxiety, reduces stress, and relieves insomnia. Supports a healthy respiratory system and protects wounds from becoming septic. Marjoram also reduces anger or sadness which is helpful in case of shock, trauma, or a major life setback. Promotes perspirations and aids in the removal of toxins, sodium, and excess water in the body.

Clary Sage Essential Oil- This oil helps to lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation which also boosts the metabolic system. Clary sage reduces skin inflammation and regulates the production of oil on the skin. A huge benefit to clary sage is that it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle by naturally balancing hormone levels, decreasing symptoms of PMS, regulating estrogen levels and ensuring the long-term health of the uterus. It also helps with muscle cramps, headaches, and stomachaches by relaxing involuntary nerve impulses. It is a natural antidepressant, a sedative, and alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety which helps with insomnia and sleeplessness. Kills bacteria and fungi, and supports healthy digestion.

Bergamot Essential Oil- Can help relieve congestion and respiratory problems, helpful with headaches, sprains, and muscle aches. Bergamot reduces feelings of pain by stimulating the secretion of hormones that lessens sensitivity of nerves to pain. Helps wound healing and skin regeneration, reducing the appearance of scars and other marks on skin. It helps regulate even distribution of melanin to even out skin tone. Bergamot is also excellent at soothing nerves and reducing nervous tension, anxiety, and stress. It can stimulate the activity of hormones that induce relaxation and sedation, eliminating chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as improving blood circulation, maintaining proper metabolic rates, and aiding digestion. Helps ward off microorganisms, germs, virus, and fungi, and helps with acne by killing bacteria on the skin while controlling excess oil production on the skin. 

Cedar Essential Oil- Is antifungal, antiseptic, a tonic, and an astringent. Helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritations (including acne and eczema). Stimulates and smoothes the skin.

Arborvitae Essential Oil- Helps to protects against environmental and seasonal threats, promotes healthy cell function, and has powerful cleansing and purifying properties. 

*If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician before using any products containing essential oils.