Black Melange Full Gloves | Maxx & Unicorn

Black Melange Full Gloves | Maxx & Unicorn

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100% U.S.A. Made from American Ragg Wool fingerless with lightweight 2.5 ounce Deerskin palm patch. Maxx & Unicorn cut their own Deerskin in Brooklyn and attach them to the gloves using a century old Singer chain-stitch post bed machine. 

All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily.

All cuff hems are serged with an elastic thread to help retain cuff shape even after washing. 

85% USA Wool, 15% USA Nylon

Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY.

Size info: Each style of glove we make comes in two sizes, a smaller size, and a larger size. Unlike the fingerless, the full gloves are very size specific. Most Men are the larger size, but the smaller one will stretch out quickly.