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Cleansing | Holiday Bundle | Ballad of the Bird Dog

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Need a little help to relax and unwind this fall and winter?  Or maybe know someone who does?  This Feel Good Bundle is geared toward helping you cope with the changing weather, free your mind, and bring you to a more positive place!


1 Dawn Monk Oil

1 Small Sage Bundle

1 Bisbee Soap & Sundry Mini Amber Bar Soap 

1 Jax Kelly Crystal Point

1 Sam Wish 4oz Hippy Detox Bath Soak

These are packaged in a lidded Kraft brown box with crinkle filling and will be tied with string. 



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Super Soft

I love that the sleeves hug the arms just a little and it’s super soft. I would def feel comfortable wearing this throughout the spring. It’s lighter on the weight and it makes me feel like I will get more bang for my buck since I’ll feel great wearing for longer in the season of spring. The color is solid and I washed and it kept it size pretty well!! Over all, amazing!