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Molcajete Salsa | Chilesquiles

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This Molcajete Salsa is best enjoyed with fresh corn tortilla chips or chips of your choice, as nachos or even as a fresh topping for quesadillas.

INGREDIENTS - Roasted Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Serrano Pepper, Fresh Lime Juice, and Fresh Cilantro.

SPICE LEVEL - On a scale of Mild to Hot our Molcajete Salsa has a Medium spice level. It’s Chilesquiles roasted twist on the traditional salsa recipe many know and love so you can expect to enjoy loads of flavor with every bite and make any day #Chilesquilessunday. Molcajete Salsa is 100% Natural, uses Whole Ingredients. Vegan, No MSG, No GMOs, No Sugar Added, No Added Fat, and is also Dairy, Nut, and Wheat Free.

Available in 8oz or 16oz 

Made in Texas

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Good looking koosies

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Super Soft

I love that the sleeves hug the arms just a little and it’s super soft. I would def feel comfortable wearing this throughout the spring. It’s lighter on the weight and it makes me feel like I will get more bang for my buck since I’ll feel great wearing for longer in the season of spring. The color is solid and I washed and it kept it size pretty well!! Over all, amazing!