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Oatmeal Melange Ragg Wool Beanie | Upstate Stock

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100% U.S.A. made from American Ragg Wool. The Ragg Wool Beanie is a heavy weight double layer cap. The nylon in this traditional workwear/gardening wool blend allows for shape retention and durability. The high quality wool will wick away moisture to keep the head warm and dry.  

All labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily 

Some pilling is natural as the loose ends come together. These are easily removed with a wool comb or carefully (very carefully!) with scissors.

Knitted in Upstate, NY and finished in Brooklyn, NY.

One Size

Length: 10" (without fold)

Width: 9" (at base)

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Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love these gloves! I have used them all winter, and haven't needed anything warmer. The leather is perfect for gripping reins, as I train horses. I bought these for all of my clients, and they love them too!

Too thin for cold wet winter

Too thin, the leather is thin and they are not well insulated- would be nice in a mild dry winter climate. It is too snowy, wet and cold where I live for these gloves. I was hoping for a thicker durable glove...