Organic Lip Balm | Citrus | Sam Wish

Organic Lip Balm | Citrus | Sam Wish

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Light citrus scent.

Do you know what's in your lip balm? Are those ingredients actually healing or hurting your lips? Filled with *only* all-natural goodness, all of my lip balms are made with the highest quality ingredients I can get my hands on and specially formulated to heal and protect those luscious lips of yours! You can throw them in your purse, pocket, or even frocket to keep it extra close to you all day long. 

"Your Chapstick SAVED my lips!! They were awful, peeling, cracking and bleeding. I tried all different kinda of lip treatments, including super expensive name brand things, and nothing worked. Then I got your lip balm as a gift and with in just a few days my lips were smooth and healed! Not only do they look better but they feel SO much better! I also thankful for your lip balm!"


SIZE: .15 oz plastic tube OR .25 oz tin
INGREDIENTS: Beeswax*, Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, All-natural Vitamin E Oil


Beeswax- Forms a breathable barrier that helps trap moisture in without clogging pores. Beeswax helps soften the skin and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-allergenic properties. 

Shea Butter- One of nature's richest moisturizers, shea butter forms a breathable, water-resistant film over the skin to protect it from UV rays, pollution, and other harsh environmental conditions without clogging your pores. The vitamin A found in shea butter also helps to heal, strengthen, and repair the skin while fatty acids help the skin to retain moisture and elasticity.

Coconut Oil- Coconut oils’ high moisture retaining capacity helps to prevent the skin from drying out while it’s nutrient content nourishes the skin deep down. On top of that, it has antioxidant properties and the lauric acid found in coconut oil helps to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Coconut oil is essential to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and blemish free!

Vitamin E- Acting as a natural preservative to make your lip balm last longer, Vitamin E also moisturizes and protects the skin from UV damage, and is an extremely powerful antioxidant.