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A talisman that you can hang on your wall to be reminded each time you see it ~ to get out there and EXPLORE this gorgeous, magical world we live in! hang it in sight of your everyday goings and comings. squeeze just a pinch of exploration into your day, internal or external. and then wander your wild heart out!!

Dowel and string included.

18″ square-ish

screen-printed design on a 100% cotton body

100% cotton vintage-inspired trim

this one reads “explore more”

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Customer Reviews

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Received incorrect order. Was promised a replacement. I followed up with some emails, but never heard from them again.

Wonderful gift!

I have a granddaughter in graduate school sound design who wears bandanas a lot. The ones I ordered are a gift for her and if she doesn’t already have them, I know she’ll love them!

A beautiful piece

I absolutely love this bandana slide. The worn leather is beautifully distressed and the turquoise stud adds the perfect splash of color. I love not having to fuss with tying the bandana and struggling with getting the ends to sit nicely - this slide is the perfect solution!