Ballad’s Guide to Round Top

Ballad's Guide to Round Top

Where to go in Round Top & Warrenton

Next to Round Top, Warrenton hosts a trove of vintage treasures that takes us straight back each time. If you’re looking for the classic antiquing experience, you’ll uncover a totally different collection of finds a few miles down the road. Grab your wagons and fill your coolers, Warrenton is a special experience of hitting the gravel and blazing the antique trail from sunrise till sunset. It won’t be hard to find a place to start shopping, but while you’re there we have a few places in mind you should check out.

  1. Bar W Field: A pickers paradise. If your weekends often involve scouring garage and estate sales, this is just your vibe. Bonus, they have free parking in the back of the field, where you can walk to another favorite destination, Ex-Cess Fields. 
  2. Ex-Cess 1 and 2. Yes, there’s two parts to this journey, neither of them you want to miss. You won’t find a more diversified spread of antiques and finds, period. With many tenured vendors at Ex-Cess, there’s no question the camaraderie and individuality each space has. So now that you’ve taken our advice, we’d like to highlight a couple of shops that catch us each show.
    -Period Modern (Ex-Cess 2)
    -Cyril Clerc (Ex-Cess 2)
    -Rengi Living (Ex-Cess 2)
    -Jersey Junker (Ex-Cess 2)
    -Recycling the Past (Ex-Cess 1)

There’s a reason Round Top draws designer’s from all over the globe (yup, the globe). The variety and otherworldly finds will expand your idea of what antiquing can be, and an experience like no other; so we’ve got a couple of stops for you to complete the Round Top experience. 

  1. Blue Hills - Some of our favorite people and our one and only RT appearance was hosted here! Owners and siblings, Stephanie and Corey, have taken their experience in interior design and real estate and have found an amazing group of vendors offering an eclectic mix of antiques, art and home goods. They also host some of the coolest parties during the antique festival.
  2. Bader Ranch - On the edge of RT is a beautiful field holding european antiques and other exciting clothing/accessory brands. This field is a great destination for antiquing and recharging, with a great selection of food trucks and cocktail stations. The owner also happens to be the owner of one of our favorite boutique hotel: The Frenchie Boutique Hotel
  3. 550 Market - 550 Market is a new shopping area in RT next to the RT dance hall (under construction) and the iconic Stone Cellar. It’s one to keep your eye on in a new and up-and-coming shopping area that is bringing a new experience to RT. 
  4. The Compound - If you are looking for the quintessential Round Top experience, look no further than The Compound. Owners Mark Massey and Kathy Johnston have taken their creative talents and Round Top roots to showcase the heart of the antiquing experience. 
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