Our first major press, and wow....

Our first major press, and wow....

We could not have been more surprised to end our first year with a major write up in a leading publication in Texas.  Lauren Smith Ford shared our shop in her "My 10 Favorites of 2018" in the Style and Design section of Texas Monthly.


Not just being on list, we found our shop and story as the intro to the whole write up which made our jaws drop as we woke up on the 27th.  Being recognized for all the hard work that we had put in was certainly gratifying and humbling at the same time.  Reflecting on what this means, and trying to set a focus for 2019, we have thought a lot about the reason we even started.  Tradition, heritage, loyalty.  The things @skeeter_magoo taught us seem to re-center us as we grow.  We will continue to value tradition and try to do things the old-fashioned way, selling good products, by people you know and trust.  We will continue to promote the heritage of the historic downtown we work in and the heritage of the makers methods that we sell.  And last, loyalty.  We will always be the store you can trust.  No smoke and mirrors, just us and our store and our makers.  We sell what we trust and we will always stand behind our purpose.  


Thank you to all that got us to this point, keep following our ride.  #trustyourgut


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