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Sendero Provisions Co.

Agave Badge Patch | Sendero

Agave Badge Patch | Sendero

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The agave plant is the southwestern sigil of Sendero Provisions Co, and a powerful symbol of toughness and endurance. The harsher the environment, the longer the agave plant will thrive. Interlocking blue-green rosettes protect the heart of the plant like armor plates. Resourceful desert dwellers have long used the plant for many purposes, such as crafting ropes, pens, needles, curing constipation, and oh yeah, MAKING TEQUILA. Wearing the symbol of the agave is said to give the wearer magical powers… especially if said wearer has imbibed copious amounts of aforementioned Tequila.

  • Woven Patch
  • Iron-On
  • 3"
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