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Derby Extra

Double Edge Razor Blades | Derby

Double Edge Razor Blades | Derby

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Derby razor blades are the result of durability and endurance. These cutting-edge razors contain chromium ceramic, tungsten, and platinum for extra strength and the longest possible shaving life from a single razor. 

The polymer coated blades create a comfortable and convenient shave. 

Crafted in Sweden with exceptional quality control and inspection at every stage of the manufacturing process. 

100 Blades per Pack

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Dalia (Holtsville, US)
Good affordable soap.

I use this soap daily and was very pleased when I saw the low price this website was selling it for. One container will last me almost five months of everyday shaving. You get allot of soap here.

The soap is hard but very easy to lather. I lather in the "bowl" the soap comes in. Then I face lather. I use both closed and open Comb razors and this soap just gives me an excellent slick cushion. The lather is thick and creamy like you'd expect. The scent is artificial but not like arko. But more of a generic fragrance I guess is the best I can describe it. It's not offensive but it's not any special. But again this soap is affordable so I don't expect it to have anything crazy scent wise. So basically this is an excellent bang for the buck soap that performs as good as my $15 artisan soaps.