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Keepin’ it Reel Hat | Sendero Provisons Co. - Teal - Accessories - Accessories - Caps - Hat - Hats - Keepin’ it Reel Hat
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Keepin' It Reel Hat | Sendero Provisons Co.

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This hat features a cool fishing reel and a cool fish joke, with a laid back honest vibe. What more is there to say? Well how about we delve into the history of fishing reels. Did you know the earliest evidence of the fishing reel comes from a literary work dating back to the 4th century AD, titled Lives of Famous Immortals? Apparently all the hottest gods and goddesses were using fishing reels while the rest of us mere mortals were tediously tugging on lines with our bare hands. At any rate, Prometheus finally stole the fishing reel from the gods on Mt. Olympus and mankind has never looked back. Flash forward to 2017 and we are still here Keepin’ it Reel.

  • 100% Nylon
  • Screen Printed Patch
  • Unstructured Mid-Profile 5 Panel
  • Snapback
  • Flat Visor
  • Braided Rope
  • Rear Agave Tag

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    Can I buy 10 or more?

    I want so many of these


    Its what he wanted for Christmas so its what he got lol

    just fine

    needed this for a Christmas package! perfect!

    Such an awesome hat perfect!

    I got this hat in the mail and haven’t stopped wearing it since. I love it. I love it so much I bought the jackalope hat! I highly recommend :)

    Stand Up Company

    Ordered a Devils River Sticker to add to collection of my kayak trips. Pretty hard to find sticker. I never received it due to my mail carrier being unreliable I’m sure. Contacted the company and was told they would ship me another sticker if it wasn’t received in a few days. Well I never received it but I’m not gonna hold them responsible for my sorry mail service. They offered to make it right and that’s enough for me.